Voltage to PPM

Greetings to Everyone!

I purchased gas sensors and I was able to build a gas detector using the available sketches online. The gas sensors were CO2 and Methane. I have now purchased a ClO2 for project in my start-up company and I want to convert its output voltage to ppm but I am not smart enough to do so, being new to such projects.

I would be really grateful if someone could help me with the conversion as well as the connection.

This is the link to the gas sensor


Thank you in advance

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That sensor seems to measure between 0 and 1 PPM. What values are you reading from the sensor? What level of accuracy are you expecting?

Hello and Thank you for your immediate response.

I supplied a 5V and the readings I got from the sensor on exposing it with a little ClO2 was 0.34 V on the voltmeter.

Note that the output of the sensor is CURENT, not VOLTAGE. The sensitivity is 0.65 MICROAMPS (+/-0.30) per ppm. You are going to need some sensitive circuitry to measure such a tiny current change. You can't just hook it to an Arduino. Since the sensitivity can differ between sensors by almost 50% in either direction you will have to calibrate each sensor individually. I'm guessing you don't have the calibration standards needed to calibrate your sensor.

You should consider buying one of their pre-calibrated measuring systems:

The useful life of the sensor is 2 years. Be sure you have plans to replace the sensors every two years and a way to calibrate the system to the new sensor.