Voltage trippler?

Is there a simple low cost IC that i can use to triple my input voltage? I need to feed an IC 15v and would love not to have to have another PS or buy a DC-DC converter, if not ill buy the converter, im just a bit reluctant to spend the 15 bucks on what seems like a simple task.

I figured ide ask since ive seen doublers like the ADM660.

why take a higher external voltage (the arduino supply) run it tru a 5 volt regulator then boost it back up?

It is called a boost converter but it will cost you much more than 15 bucks. The price depends on the current. What current do you need?

Im doing this cause im using an ad595 in the same circuit, and it needs to be feed exactly 15v in order to read past a certain temp. I would imagine it needs a minimal amount of current.

There is an application note for a voltage tripler at Maxim (AN297) It uses the MAX1683, (3) 10uF caps and a dual schotty. It is probably in the $5-$7 range. The topology may work with the xx660 chips but I am not sure.

A couple notes -- the switched capacitor boost converters have limited current and are unregulated. Also the voltage is 3 * VIN minus two diode drops (and whatever regulator you add).

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If you like to recyle old electronics (as I do) you can sometimes find a jem in the junk. I found a few TL497's in my junk box and they work great at getting 15V from 5V.

Actually, these nice chips are still available New from Mouser electronics (so I guess other vendors have them as well) Only $1.50 or so each. The only tricky component needed is a power inductor of the right value.

Maybe a High-Side Power Supply - used for N-channel MOSFETs. I've used the MAX1822. http://datasheets.maxim-ic.com/en/ds/MAX1822.pdf

Ive decided on buying a doubler. After more research ive found that i dont need to measure over 1800f. Im gonna use the ADM660 that jluciani suggested in an earlier post. Thanks again guys.

I think you are better off with a doubler. A lot of people make the x660 series doublers (and doublers in general). You only need two or three caps to get 50-100mA. The ADM660 is reasonable priced especially considering it is coming from a quality manufacturer like Analog Devices.

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