Voltmeter and Inductive Load

I am in the process of building a RC lawnmower which will utilize two Deep Cycle 12 V batteries in series and wheel chair motors as the prime mover. I would like to include a simple voltmeter using a voltage divider and an analog input on the Arduino.

Any reason a 10kOhm and 1kOhm voltage divider would not work for this, this should handle up to 50 V and the system runs at 24V (nominal). My concern is with the ripple voltage on the line exceeding 50 V and frying the Arduino. Is this a legitimate concern, if so what are my options?

*Note I will be using Pololu 36v20 CS motor drivers

With two 12V batteries there is no way you are going to get any ripple over 50V. The motors must be suitably protected against putting back EMF into the power rail.