Volume control cutting sound completely when implemented using MOZZI library.

I am using the MOZZI audio library to implement a simple synthesizer and I cant work out what I am doing wrong when trying to implement a volume control. I have tried implementing it in the way explained in the example on the MOZZI website (scroll down to the one named Volume_Control) and all that happens is I get no audio output at all. If anyone could have a look at my code and see if they notice any glaringly obvious mistakes I would really appreciate it as I am stuck and not really sure how to proceed.

//#include <ADC.h>  // Teensy 3.1 uncomment this line and install http://github.com/pedvide/ADC
#include <MozziGuts.h>
#include <Oscil.h> // oscillator template
#include <tables/saw2048_int8.h> // saw table for oscillator
#include <tables/sin2048_int8.h> // saw table for oscillator
#include <LowPassFilter.h>
//#include <tables/saw1024_int8.h> // saw table for oscillator

// use: Oscil <table_size, update_rate> oscilName (wavetable), look in .h file of table #included above

//LowPassFilter lpf; //for implementing my LPF

// use #define for CONTROL_RATE, not a constant
#define CONTROL_RATE 64 // powers of 2 please

const char INPUT_PIN0 = 0;
const char INPUT_PIN1 = 1;
const char INPUT_PIN2 = 2;

byte pitch;
byte vol;
byte detune;

void setup(){
  startMozzi(CONTROL_RATE); // set a control rate of 64 (powers of 2 please)

void updateControl(){
  int pitch = mozziAnalogRead(INPUT_PIN0); //assign variables to analog pin
  int vol = mozziAnalogRead(INPUT_PIN2);
  int detune = mozziAnalogRead(INPUT_PIN1);
  pitch = map(pitch, 0, 1023, 65, 262); // map the pot range (0-1023 to a new set of values)
  vol = map(vol, 0, 1023, 0, 255);
  detune = map(detune, 0, 1023, 0, 100);
  detune = (detune*0.05);

  aSaw.setFreq(pitch); //assign variables to oscilator parameters
  bSaw.setFreq(pitch * detune);
  Serial.print("vol = ");

int updateAudio(){
    return ((
      ((int)aSaw.next() * 0.5)
      ((int)bSaw.next() * 0.5)
      ) * (vol>>8));

void loop(){
  audioHook(); // required here

vol is a value, after mapping, in the range 0 to 255. What is the result of shifting the 8 bytes that contain the data 8 places to the right?

Try printing val >> 8, to see.