volume control for non wireless computer speakers

I am looking for a circuit to control the volume of my computer speakers which are not remote controlled but with a normal volume button. They are connected to the headphone jack of my tv but sadly my Philips tv has the headphone volume separate from the internal speakers so I can't control the volume with the volume buttons of the tv remote (only through the settings menu which is not very handy) I there an Arduino controlled circuit to do this? I can then set the headphone volume of my tv to a certain level as well as the speaker set and with the circuit between the headphone jack of the tv and the speaker set I then would be able to control the volume. If possible with the tv remote as I switched off the internal speakers of the tv (controlling volume with the remote shows volume level on-screen but nothing changes as the headhone volume is separate). Been looking for this a long time but no luck yet. Hopefully somenone has an idea.

Simply connect the audio output to a 10K pot and connect the wiper to the input of your amplifier. Remember to connect the grounds together.

addafruit do a amplifier with i2c control bus, you could use this and a standard ir receiver module and use you normal tv remot