Volume Control Guitar Amp

I 've got 5 potentiometers on my guitar amp and a switch.

Two pots for gain (two channels)
Two pots for volumen (two channels)
One master volume
Channel switch

The tone of the amp as dependent on how these are set and I would like to make that midi controlable.
I made my own circuits in the past but midi is new to me.

Please keep it simple and use examples. I have no education in this.

Thanks, Jeroen

Hi, Jeroen,

So you want to change out the analog potentiometers with digital ones?
That is probably not an easy task... You need to know quite a bit of electronics to do that...

Look for I2C digital potentiometers like this one on any electronics vender website..

The midi part is not that difficult, but try starting of with simple examples first. If you're new to programming, try the sparkfun midi shield, it is easy to set up and you can find tons of examples on the net...

Hope this helps!

Did you know there is also an active dutch forum?