VOlume control with proximity sensor

Hello everyone I'm new in Arduino, my project is adjusting volume of a video according to the proximity of the viewer in a booth. I need help with everything including hardware and coding. Please help me complete this project! Thanks.

Do you have any specific questions?

Yes. which sensor is ideal for 3-4 meters of reading? How do i make arduino read the values and adjust the volume?

What are you using for audio? (or do you want suggestions on that too)

Probably an ultrasonic sensor such as the ping))) sensor or one of the maxbotics ones would be best.

We can't advise any more until we know what hardware you intend to use or exactly what you want to do and what your budget is if you would like suggestions on what hardware to use.

It's a relatively easy thing to do though with certain hardware.


Well, thanks!

I have a arduino BT-V06 board and a laptop. For audio which will be from a video, i will probably use puredata and two speakers.

well look into parallax ping sensor is designed for upto three meters look into maxbotic thingies they have a range of upto six meters how will you adjust the volume ? send on data to the laptop to set volume accordingly or mechanically turn the volume knob ?

The code is probably something to be directed more towards the 'processing' community as I would recommend doing the volume adjustment on the computer.

You can then use an arduino and ultrasonic sensor to send the distance data to the processing app running on the computer.


Thank you! I want do it with data transfered to the laptop and done accordingly.

You have to find a software way on your PC of altering the volume. You said something about Pure Data, can you do that with a PD control.

Then you need to hook up the PD input to the serial input from the arduino. Then you need to write a program to send the volume control information to PD. You do this step by using the Serial.print() command to send numbers along the serial port.

http://www.eventghost.org/ i have seen this sometime back but didnt look into it you could try out ;) anyone used this?