Vonage phone

Hello guys, wondering if anyone has any ideas on the below

I have a vonage phone and got long distance package on it. But usually I am outside of my house and have my cell phone with me. Is there any way to making a home PBX that will work with the vonage in Canada. They don't give out the SIP info so I don't think I can use a home PBX like Asterisk.

I am thinking along the lines of something where I send a send message and the phone calls be and does like a 3 way call using my home phone :D...That would be kool but don't know if it's possible.

I called vonage but they have nothing that can help me Canada. They do seem to have something in US that allows you to call from your cell phone aswell.

Any suggestion? Thanks!

Perhaps you could set something up using RAS and some sort of home-made A-to-D-toA bridge, but it sounds quite fiddly. If it went wrong you'd potentially end up with some pretty impressive phone bills. :)

I didn't understand a single thing you asked.

1.) you have vonage VOIP at home.

2.) you have a Cell phone.

3.) you want to send a text message to do 3 way calling? huh?

If your goal is to have cheap long distance on your cell phone, why don't you just get skype/something else on your phone, and use that for FREE calling?

Thanks for the suggestion. Google found me a Telephone interface that seem to be doing what I want. I will post the link if anyone want it.