VR Arduino Emulator / Simulator

I would really like to see some kind of [HTC VIVE, Oculos, PS VR, any other VR platform] Arduino Simulation where I could load up an Arduino Uno / Mega, scale it up and down so breadboard pins are as big as gas pump nozzles while I walk around and hook up all the sensors etc, zoom back down to normal size, and run my program in that VR simulation.

And, OH a popup interface that lets me scroll through resistors or capacitors, or what have you, by ohms or other significant measures of specification the part uses, which once selected gives you the color code of the resister, or whatever it is.

And, it would be super if I could then export the project to a printable diagram, once I had it all working just how I wanted it. It would also be special if the sensors and servos could be expanded/blown-up to show how they work internally, and identify the rare elements that make it's function possible.

I realize this is kind of a tall order. But, if there's anyone doing this, or wanting to do this, I would be interested to hear about it.

I realize this is kind of a tall order.

You are a master of understatement.

"VR" is the wrong search term for this.

You're really looking for a 3D model of the circuit board. It's a very common requirement. Managers like to see what the circuit designers are working on and they can't understand the 2D images which the designers actually use to do their work.

Eagle has a pretty simple integration into 3D packages, since it was purchased by Autodesk. You can open up any of the published Arduino circuit boards in Eagle and export into the 3D system. I've never tried but I think this will get you the picture you want to see.

F**ing has a pretty-picture mode which makes it look like you have actual batteries and motors and things. It's absolutely useless for anyone else to understand what you did so I won't even give you the proper name of it.

Sounds like you are one of these people born into a CAD/3D/Virtual Reality world.

Proper hands on experimenting in the REAL world is alien.

Not your fault, its ours for letting it happen.

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