VR in Arduino?

So I was sitting in Science class(you know not paying attention :)) and I thought, "It'd be cool if you attached some LillyPad Arduinos with some flex sensors, blue tooth, and pressure sensors, sewed it into some clothes, put the pressure sensors on/under/in your shoes and have a virtual reality environment. From that thought two questions come to my mind.

1.Would it be possible to make your own pair of these and use them as the display for the virtual reality?

2.Would it be possible to play a computer game on an Arduino Virtual Reality with the Sexy Screen Sunglasses(like the nickname? It'd have to be condensed to something shorter though, like VRSSS! ;D)? Like have Guild Wars(First game that came to my mind) and sync differnent movements with different keyboard/mouse controls.

(Typing that made a third question pop into my mind)

3.Would a third party device be required, like a homemade computer clone that had a processor and a graphics card, be required? If so how would you put all the stuff together?

Thanks for the replies!

First off, please don’t post a thread so many times :o… EDIT: I see the other threads have been removed.

It would be perfectly possible to detect steps and movement with Arduino, but you would be faced with many problems.

  1. The Arduino simply doesn’t have enough processing power (or memory) to render a game worth playing (besides pong, etc.)

  2. The Arduino doesn’t have very many inputs, and even with the Mega, you’d find yourself running out very quickly. You could in theory use multiple Arduinos, but that would be even more difficult.

  3. You would probably require some form of a PC to tie all the information together, with the Arduino serving as the sensor unit.

Ok...New idea:

Connecting an iPod touch to the arduino(s) and have that run the game, connect the arduios together via bluetooth. It would have to be jailbroken but I think it could maybe possibly have a slight chance of working. Any problems with this theory and tips with the glasses?

Oh I forgot to say this before...IE on my Dad's old slow comp. was
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Also the iPod touch could use it's built in accelerometer to further detect movement.

Update:It turns out you can’t play/emulate PC games on the iPhone. I’m not that suprised, I figured as much. Anyway to keep this portable you could always buy a Mac Mini or Dell Zino HD. So ya just letting anyone reading this know. Also for the glasses if I’d ever do this I would use this pair of glasses.

Wow, I guess I answered all my questions almost by myself. Nice :sunglasses:

Hey, slow down grasshopper. If you own a Arduino then your best bet is to start writing simple programs that do simple things. You will slowly learn what can and cannot be done with the Arduino. As you gain knowledge and experience with the platform I'm sure new ideas will come to you that have better chance at being successful.


Oh, Ya I know. This was just a daydream in science class. I was just wondering if it was possible for the arduino and what you'd need. I'd be crazy to attempt this anytime soon.