VR Neuron:the italian RaspberryPI alternative

Dear Friends,
two years ago i work to develop a new platform compatible with arduino for Arducopter project ... this platform was MP32F1 ... today after two year of development we relaunch with two different platform one is VR Brain , this is a complete arduino compatible enviroment based on STM32F4 :
In the last 6 month we work to a new design that could support Linux Embedded this new design is based on
ARM9 at 450 mhz have 64 mbyte of dram and support ArchLinuxArm OS.
The first prototype of this new design will be present to MakersItaly .
The main advantages respect of RaspberryPI is dimension of board , half respect of Rasp and wheight , less power requirement but it have pal output , usb , mic in and speaker output.
We are searching developer that are interesting to join to us project . The board could be interface to Arduino board , by serial port or usb ,too.
Original the VR Neuron is developed as ADD ON for our Drone Multicopter Platform.
More information of VR Neuron is here :
This is the first picture of first prototype mounted today :

We are searching developer that are interesting to join to us project .

What do you expect from this developer?

  • electric knowledge?
  • software knowledge?
  • mechanic ?
  • other?
  • how much time?
  • etc

What's in it for the developer (except a lot of fun!)