Vrbot alone

I want to make a speeche recognition device for handicaped person. In my application Vrbot must be connected to a processor PIC Wich is in charge of the peripheral action. So I must have a word to awake the Vrbot and to place it listening a speech order. The speech training must be done before with the vrbot connected to the PC. Is anybody have made an apply like this? Thank

According to this site:


It should be pretty easy to interface with using an Arduino; you probably could use the SoftwareSerial interface to control it. Programming it could be done with an FTDI interface (or a MAX232).

I have never made an application that uses this device, but it seems like it should be possible with the Arduino. At first I thought you were talking about the old 1980's Tomy Verbot (and just mistyped the name), and I was like "somebody is hacking an Arduino into a Verbot - awesome", but some checking cleared that up.