Vs code and arduino editor are being fussy. what do i do?

i recently transfered my arduino editor to visual studio code, but now its giving me problems. it was ok at first, but then when i opened a file the standard arduino editor kept opening up automatically. so i figured it was probably the configuration setting "use external editor". so i checked that box and the type entry field on the standard editor went dark, and i thought i was just a side effect of checking the box. so i close down vs code and the arduino editor and reopened vs code. the arduino editor popped up again, so then i got subconciosly angry and, thinking it made perfect sense , i went and deleted the package files (im on a raspi). now its coming up with all sorts of "path not found" errors. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

update: i reinstalled arduino from the software page (linux arm 32-bit). now, in order to access the uploading and verifying features, i must enter the aduino path and i dont know where the program is located!

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