VS1053 module

I have a dev module with a nice mass of chip doc but little on the module itself.
I'm pretty sure though that the SPI connect is basic and my start plan is to find out what I have to feed the sucker to get it initialized and playing MP3 files from SD through SPI.

Before I go bang my head on this wall, I'm wondering if anyone else has?
It's probably simple once you know a few things that are buried in the docs. I have plenty of those from VSLI Solutions, they make the chip not the modules.

I also want to get MIDI playback going. It should be a much lighter load, the wavetable is already in the chip.

Is it this module that you have: http://www.lctech-inc.com/Hardware/Detail.aspx?id=2f34bdb6-0a1d-4cf4-846f-ca010614064e

If so, I also have one, but haven't messed with it yet. My plan was to follow the development board schematics from VLSI and make it a standalone MP3 player since the VS1053 can run its own code. I wanted to have a module that would play MP3s and also serve files to the Arduino through a serial interface.


On VLSI's site they have several apps and libraries to put together a program like this in VSIDE. I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

Yes, that exact same module. I have a bunch of others that have so far I've done simple-easies but this one is going to take some real hacking. Next on the list will be the bluetooth.

Okay, I have those docs and example code for the 1053 chip itself to do what I want and a pile of everything else I don't. It's not in ready to run this module condition but it's a start, something to pull initialization and feeding information specifics from. Loads of detail.

From the looks there's very few registers to set up just to play MP3's fed through SPI. I think I will need to print a block diagram and header file just to keep notes on. If I can get a concept of how it should work then I can make sense of what the docs are saying, right now I'm still trying to relate pieces of which most are not relevant to my immediate goals.

I am hoping to save duplicated effort and headaches. BTW I saw a Lefty comment in the Sparkfun page with the bare chip. Wazzatchoo?

Whatever I come up with, I'll share.

May have been RetroLefty. There are two Retros on this forum.

Not sure if you are aware, but if all you wish to do is play MP3s streamed from an SD card, there are already libraries for the VS1053:

Here's a tutorial:

It shouldn't matter using two separate modules instead of this particular one in the tutorial.

Thanks for the links!

The ManiacBug page there looks to be about MIDI which is fine, I want to do that right after MP3.

When I got the LC Tech SD module (1st time was through DX) I looked at SD libraries and code.
Just using the SPI library and the SD library I was able to test a step at a time and hurrah, it worked when people with much more expensive shields were having problems. In less than hour after I worked up the courage to connect 5V to it I was able to prove file read and write. The hard part was identifying the steps I needed.

I need to do the same here but hey there's a LOT more to dig through to find the steps I need but I'm sure they're there and I can guess that LC has provided a simple path to the chip.

Hey Retroplayer! Ding-ding-ding! Jackpot!

Have a look at Kalum's thread and link to the blog!

Excellent find! I will have to play around with that this weekend.

Ultimately, I want a standalone module, but this will definitely help me understand all the concepts needed.

Ultimately, I want a standalone module

I don't know if you've bought direct from LC Tech, to get a price you have to ask. I buy different modules and what I pay may be different but I think not a lot different on most things. My VS1053 dev module was less than $10 in a larger order. I was quoted less than $30 for this DIY AVR MP3 developer suite:


The suite is a MP3 DIY suite, can directly play the MP3 files on the SD card; at the same time also can play the MP3 files on the U disk. (Note: U disk module need to purchase another), provide all materials, including schematic diagram, source program, convenient for customers build up their favorite MP3 system faster.

I see a VS1003 board cabled to a main board with LCD and bezel, and the end of some size SD card which I fear is a frikkin-mini-SD. Sense tells me there's an AVR chip hiding under the LCD but which one?

This is my contact there who does not know my Arduino forum name: