VSCode and Arduino

Hi, I want to start using some more advanced IDE for Arduino projects - heard that VSCode is one of the best out there. I have Windows 10 OS in mind. Haven't touched PlatformIO yet but maybe will.
Or maybe there are other nice IDEs. I would appreciate advices and help. :wink:

VSCode = Visual Studio Code ?

Don't know whether it is the best or not.

Haven't used it.

It is a question better asked on the Microsoft forums.

Most people here use the Arduino IDE to program for the Arduino family.

You don't have to use ArduinoIDE to program devices with Arduino framework.
Why limit yourself?

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Have you seen this page with alternatives for the IDE - Arduino Playground - DevelopmentTools

There are so many to choose from (it's like a candy shop :wink:

... heard that VSCode is one of the best out there....

Please define best for you.... as that is different for anybody

Awesome link. Thanks!

Update: Successfully installed PlatformIO and VSCode for ESP32 (wroom) - works like a charm!!
Supported probably ALL dev boards on the market. Very easy installation

Do you have a link to a page that describes a how to? - for future reference

Here is link to yt:
ESP32 blink led on vscode

One important thing - you must install Git on Windows - from git site


Also Blue led on ESP32-wroom has number 2 - e.g value

Cheers :wink: