VSCP Protocol for Arduino Home Automation

Hi All,

I'm new to Arduino's but not Home Automation. I have all sorts of HA equipment in my house from 1wire to X10 to RF.

Has anybody ported the VSCP (Very Simple Control Protocol) protocol to the Arduino platform? www.vscp.org The VSCP protocol is a light weight protocol developed for embedded processors with limited resources. The protocol has two packet formats, one for embedded systems and one for Ethernet communications between PC's etc. The protocol standard has already been designed for hardware interfaces such as RS232, RS485, CAN, Ethernet.

The protocol is already ported to the AVR and uses the C language. It's just the final porting to the Arduino platform that is required.

My programming skills are very good but not in C. I use Pascal in my embedded and PC systems.

Thanks, Neil.

Well if it's already been ported to AVR it will only be minor modifications required for the Arduino. I presume you have a .c file for it or something.

It may be too late ... but its ported now: https://github.com/BlueAndi/vscp-arduino