Vsta locks when trying to upload a sketch

Is anyone aware of compatibility problems using the Duemilanove on Vista Business? I run it on a Vista pc, and it does not seem as stable as on an old Win 2k machine that I use. Seems flaky and very slow in the Vista machine, I can't pin anything down, it just doesn't seem right.

The Arduino did run a blinkm ok for a while, but now when I plug in the Duemila and try to upload the sketch all starts ok, but then the PC locks solid, and nothing fixes it, except unplugging the mains.

Any suggestions anyone? I have not yet retried the Duemila on the win 2k machine yet, but will do (In case there is a board problem) Rob Mcp

Sorry suggestions still gratefully received, but I am checking something, I think (I'm very new to this) I originally downloaded arduino-012-win.zip. I now notice that it is up to 015, if this is the latest version.

Can I do a simple unzip on this? And will it replace the 012 version, or do I need to do a more creative uninstall?

but then the PC locks solid

This is very likely a problem with a device driver (video, ethernet, wireless, etcetera) or a problem with the PC hardware (overclocked?).

Unfortunately, the only help I can offer is: ensure you're using the latest FTDI drivers.

Good luck, Brian

Thanks Being new to this, what do I do with arduino-015? Do I unzip it & Delete the other one? (012 version) Do I need new FTDI drivers with it?

I have not overclocked or made any other variations. Thanks McP

Being new to this, what do I do with arduino-015? Do I unzip it & Delete the other one? (012 version)

I'm afraid I can't help. I started with 015 so I have no experience with upgrading. Hopefully, someone with upgrading experience will chime-in.

Do I need new FTDI drivers with it?

You don't need new FTDI drivers because you're upgrading Arduino. You need to ensure you have the latest drivers to try to overcome the lock-up problem.

Good luck, Brian

Hopefully, anyone out there.......?

As suggested, make sure you have the latest FDTI drivers. This is a separate issue from any changes to the Arduino IDE made since release 12.

Are you powering only the Arduino for this test, and not extra hardware (motors, servos, giant LEDs, etc.) that may be drawing too much current from USB?

I looked for FTDI drivers, I don't see any in the list for vista (this is all new to me, not had it long) I was trying to upload a sketch to test a blinkm, which has worked before. Will try later today after work, the pc has had a shut down since the last attempt. Thanks

http://www.ftdichip.com/FTDrivers.htm indicates Vista is supported, both 32- and 64-bit. They are WHQL certified, so if they don't work blame Microsoft ;)

The Latest drivers you want are here: http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm

You want version 2.04.16

This is step one.

Make sure you are directly attaching the Arduino to a USB port on the computer. Do not go through any sort of external hub for now. Try different ports on the computer. Make sure the cable you have is known good. Borrow one to test, if you need to.

The notion is to work from the known to the unknown, and the first place to start is making sure the serial connection is sound on both ends. Unfortunately, a freezing computer means: bad drivers, bad USB hardware on the computer, bad cabling, or a broken FTDI chip on the Arduino. It is rarely a problem with the Arduino itself.

As for any difference in behaviour since 0012, there may have been changes in how the Arduino IDE first talks to the Arduino when uploading because of bootloader or newer chip revision changes (this is just a guess), but the protocol is still correct and should (by itself) not cause this problem. But it may mean a change how the Vista box or the drivers are responding to the activity on the various pins on the serial line. This could account for the change in behaviour you are reporting. It still means something is wrong with the connection, however.

But, we have to satisfy ourselves that the USB-serial stuff is sound before going any further.

Thanks I'll try the upload later, should I remove the 012 version that I orginally had in favour of the 015 version? I will also find another A/B usb lead. Regards Will update post as and when, thanks

You're not any good with pc's as well are you? ;) Can't boot, or safeboot, terrified of doing a repair in case I lose my data. Ah well that's another forum.

http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1237179908 maybe is problem of RXTX library :O (have you a bluetooth dongle connected?)

After several reboots, all seems back to normal. (no bluetooth set up on this pc by the way) Thanks for all the help.

I am still wondering if I should, or how I should update to 015 from 012 which I originally had. Can anyone point me in the right direction?