VU Meter Using a 180 degree Servo

Im a bit new to Arduino.

I wanted to use a Servo as a VU meter.

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

I havn't started embarking on the project yet but I would greatly appreciate and heads up advice.

Thanks in Advance Guys =)

Presumably a large VU meter then… Sounds a reasonable implementation - find out how long the servo takes to respond to a seek and update at that sort of rate. Because it’ll be always active you’ll need to make sure the power supply is up to the task. I don’t know what the lifetime of a servo is if it’s constantly moving - might be an issue?

Another possible idea is using the head-positioning mechanism from an old dead disc drive and adapting it -

It is noisy, and slow.

A real coil-based meter is better.

dhenry: A real coil-based meter is better.

So what if he wants it to be 3 feet tall? :)