W2 and W3 not receiving signal. Any suggestion?

was not illustrated in the thread itself so apparently no-one else noticed

I still don't know how to show a picture in the post itself, only attach them. I would be glad if someone explains it to me.

Finally, I am wondering whether we are correctly understanding the OP's problem (...)

CB stands for Capacitive Button. It is a wire that has a low voltage that changes depending of the state of the humidifier:

  • VCB (Humidifier OFF) = 24 mV
  • VCB (Humidifier Full Power On) = 280 mV
  • VCB (Humidifier Mid Power On) = 240 mV

As can be seen, the humidifier has three states. When CB is connected to GND, the humidifier changes its state. The problem, thus, is that one of the humidifiers doesn't change it. If it is initiated OFF, it stays like that forever.

Thank you for your responses.