W5100 and W5500

hello !!!

I have Ethernet Shield 2 R3 and Leonardo .

I'm working with the SNMP trap and request ....

In the SNMP , i have lenght message > 120 bytes .

The UDP2.h is limited 24 . I'm modify the value To 512 ( UDP2.h ).

Now i have the request send at 100 bytes .

I need only 4 sockets .

Have you got a idea for up the buffer to send > 300 bytes ??

Thank a lot !!!

Excuse for my english .... I'm french ... lol

I just tested a 250 byte UDP packet on my w5100 and it works ok. I'm using the WIZnet library.

edit: I'm testing on a Mega2560/ethernet shield.

thank for you reply .

I'm on Ethernet 2 and UDP 2

AFAIK, the hardware is capable of sending up to 1400 bytes per UDP packet. The limitation would be the library or the Arduino's SRAM.


I have not enough memory in Leonardo for this application ... I have bug in my personal Lib .

BER in SNMP ( 7 bits not 8 bits ) .

Thank a lot