W5100 ETERNET SHIELD + ERROR 400 on GET and POST message to Lighttpd server

Hi all,

I am facing a strange problem : I am using arduino nano and compact W5100 eternet module I develop a mysql server with PHP script to record the data collected by the Nano

For this I use WAMP package on my windows machine, everything goes right with GET or POST method

Now I change the server to ANDROID based machine and need to use Lighttpd 1.4.35 server

The problem is that with this server nothing works and server answer error 400 bad request

I double-check with wireshark application and data are OK I double-check my PHP code on this server (Lighttpd) using external tools and this works with those tools.

I conclude that there should something wrong either with the module either with the provided library

Any idea to solve this ?