W5100 + nrf24L01 + SDcard are not happy together

I have searched and found a few things to try, but nothing is working. I have a Mega with the Ethernet W5100 shield running a Web-Server and a nrf24L01 for IoT and they have been working in harmony for maybe 3-years.

I needed to log some data so added the standard SD card Library and basic initialization stuff and the card cannot be found, but the the rest all still work fine.

I disabled the initialization of the nrf24L01 and the card is found and I can write-to and read-from it. I tried the suggestions here (https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=231493.0) and also one on Stack-Exchange for doing similar with pin 53 but still the card returns “not found,” no matter what I try.

Can anyone please assist me in getting this to work? Or, point me at some new information to try.