W5100 + ProMini328p Not letting me output PWM

I am attempting to create a 3 channel RGB LED Controller that is ethernet enabled. I have the W5100 shield, and I have used it a bunch with my mega, with less problems, but Now I'm trying to use it with a Pro Mini 328. I can get the example to load up and feed me the analog values to a webpage, so that's working.

The problem I'm having now, is that I want to send 3 channel values (0-255) from the webpage to the PWM pins on the mini. I can use any pins (other than 10-13 which is used by the shield) to accomplish this, but in my initial testing, I can't seem to get an actual PWM signal to any of the pins. the specs show pins 3, 5, 6, 9 should all work for me....

I have tested PWM function with a simple LED/Resistor and a basic sketch, and the pins function. But as soon as I try to inject PWM in the ethernet ISP example sketch (containing the Ethernet.h & SPI.h libraries), the function disappears. I'm just using a straight "analogWrite(9, 128);" command to try and find a pin that will work, with no success. the LED doesn't show any sign of life.

Help? Is there something in the libraries that I can change or is there a hardware problem with timers that I'm not aware of?

The high and low pin for d2 is 7,93 and for d3 it is 9,7F?

You first. Where is your code?

After much poking about it appears it might be a power supply problem.

I was powering my ProMini from the FTDI adapter, and while it works for simple LED circtuits, once the W5100 is added to the mix, it appears to pull the power down. I'm using a better 5V supply and now its working properly.

So hopefully someone googling in the future will find this and it'll help them out, I couldn't find much.


Also going to add that it appears to have solved some stability problems I was experiencing with the ethernet shield as well (Wasn't booting/initializing reliably)

Thanks for following up. Getting adequate power is something that we often assume you are doing, so we often fail to ask (soon enough).