W5500 Ethernet Shield pins on Mega2560 Rev 3


Been testing this shield on my Uno R3 and learning a lot .... Basic testing for shield work ok But I find I need to run it on Mega2560 due to memory issues

So for Mega I find pins 50, 51, and 52 should be used instead of for Uno pins 11,12,13 according to the Ethernet Reference


I plan to cut pins 11,12,13 on the W5500 shield and wire that instead to Mega pins 50,51,52

This is what has to be done I guess .... ?

Any ethernet shield that fit Mega2560 pinning ?

Thanks Ha det gött Bosse

NO. the shield connects on the ICSP header

ICSP header is beyond my knowledge..... anyway is the solution to cut pins and rewire to Mega2560 pins ?

Any reasonably good shield will work on Uno or Mega. But how can a shield with an SPI device do that when the SPI pins are different from one board to another you ask? The answer is that those pins are also connected to the 2x3 ICSP header. That header is in the same place on the Uno and Mega. So shields with an SPI device connect to the ICSP header instead of the standard Arduino pin headers.

For more information see: https://www.arduino.cc/en/Reference/SPI

So the short answer is that almost certainly you don't need to cut any pins or rewire anything.

Thanks for excellent answer Have to learn more on this. Anyway good if i don't have to ruin my shield unnecessary :)