W7 BSOD, after reboot .ino empty

Hi all,

Just after compiling my source my computer had a Blue Screen Of Death (damn Windows..). But after booting it again the .ino file I was working on is empty! It just contains spaces but the file size is about right I think (9,53 kB).
If I open the file in Notepad++ it shows 9760 times [nul] signs.
Is there any suggestion on a temp file I could find? The previous version of the script was early this morning, so I hope there is some way to have some code back.
Does the Arduino software bother bsod or why else is my .ino empty? I was not saving it, I think...

Thanks in advance for your opinion,
Regards, Robert-Jan

Before compiling the sketch is copied to %TEMP%. Check there for a copy.

Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:
If you mean the *.cpp file inside the build temp-folder, unfortunately the file is the same, right size, just [nul] signs.
Next time I will look at this file immediately after bluescreen.

Thanks again and for now, it's solved - after eating a banana I coded that half day again. :%

By the way,
the BSOD was related to some crappy cheap USB/RS232 converter driver, Windows 7 plugged in in a USB 3.0 port. :expressionless: