"Waiting for Login for login.arduino.cc" message

Hello, I have been successfully logging into and using the Arduino Web Editor. My security software, Norton 360, was updated. I was able to "white list" the USB plug-in, arduino create, and this allowed my PC to download and monitor sketches.

But, now I am no longer able to LOGIN and develop the sketches I have written. The login page is blank and the above message is displayed in the lower left of the display. I am using MS 10 and the Edge browser.

Are there files I need to "white list"?

Is this the issue or am I barking up the wrong tree?



See the posts at the top of this section as I am sure I mentioned it there somewhere.

More directories that you need to whitelist than seperate files.
Wasn't sure anyone used norton bloatware anymore :grinning:

Ballscrewbob, thanks for the redirect.

Karma, thank you for your reply. I looked for your previous post but could not find it. Can you provide a succinct
list of directories I need to white-list?

I regret asking for some extra details.



CREATE editor install locations.
On macOs ~/Applications/ArduinoCreateAgent-1.1/ArduinoCreateAgent.app/Contents/MacOS/config.ini
On Linux ~/ArduinoCreateAgent-1.1/config.ini
On Windows C:\Users[your user]\AppData\Roaming\ArduinoCreateAgent-1.1

NOTE the 1.1 mayb be a different number !

In case you want to do a full re-install also attached extra clean up steps PDF.

Also help here

And Here


Thanks Ballscrwbob, As I said before, my PC is using continually updated MS WIN 10 and Edge. Note: The path you suggested is not found on my PC. Also, I searched for the file you suggested without the "1.1". I am not using Chrome as my PC browser.

I am not a strong MS Windows user but I assume that I need to use Device Manger to "uninstall" Arduino Web Editor (Create) and then download and run one of the Registry programs you suggested.

Are there any other suggestions?

Thanks Ballscrewbob!


Sorry, I just read the PDF you sent. I think that should do it.

Thanks for all your patients with my quests.


If you need further help we are almost always here.


Bob, I am finally able to Login into Create. I did not want to add more programs to my PC so it took some time to figure out.

Windows 10 has an included Registry Clean Tool. it runs every PC boot up.

I ran the Arduino Uninstall and deleted the files/folders as directed in the PDF.

If I can comment, I know this is a Beta release of software but if there is an option to Uninstall, it should do as it says completely. After all, the software programmers know where they have installed everything. i am sure many Arduino Newbies will not be able to successfully uninstall Arduino Create.

Thanks for your assistance. it was much appreciated!


it is not just Arduino that leaves multiple traces of software.

If you ever want to spend a few hours chasing your tail uninstall Microsoft office (any version).

Windows reg clean is ok but not as thorough as the items I linked to.

But thanks for the feedback and glad you are able to again enjoy your Arduino.


Bob, it worked for me...

I am sure you will some other posts from me today on alternate subject issues. I hope others will be as helpful as you.