Wake on Lan Device

How difficult would it be for me to make a Wake on lan device with an arduino? I have never used one before and currently do not own one. It would be fitted in my car to wake my CarPC when it receives a 12v trigger. Which arduino would you reccomend for this?

Thanks, Luc

WoL needs UDP, and UDP support isn’t in the standard ethernet library yet. There is some UDP support out there, but you’d have to modify your library to get it.

The WoL packet itself is pretty simple and should be no trouble for any ethernet arduino to build.

Having said all that, it sounds a bit expensive and complex compared to simply triggering the power input of the carputer with an arduino digital output.


Since i posted this I have decided on a new solution which is slightly less elegant, but it is more cost effective. I plan to buy a second hand router and install DDWRT on it. This allows a WOL packet to be sent on startup. It will also allow me to connect my iPhone to the pc for use as an input device.