Wake on Lan with the NanoESP

Hello Arduino Community!

I just started with Arduino and i must say i am stoked thinking about the possibilities ... :slight_smile:
I did some C programming in the past but i am not a developer ...

The board i am making my first steps with is the NanoESP. I figured out the fundamentals but I am having some trouble on network related topics. I tried to solve my problems with Internet Research but i am stuck now.

The Thing i want to achieve is wake my Server and Keep it alive with a wol-magic package sent every Minute. I found lots of examples for the Ethernet shield but i have a nanoesp that works with AT-commands.

I managed to connect to my Network but i don't know how to send the Magic packet. Does it work with the AT+CIPSEND command?
Lenght would be 102 and the Content is 6 x FF and 16 x my mac adress? Do i have to set up a Connection with AT+CIPSTART first - i don't tink so ;-)?

It'd be fine if you could bump me in the right direction! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot in advance!