Wake Up Computer with gsm module touch USB port .. Project

First Hy :stuck_out_tongue: my name is DAN.

I am a happy owner of a Arduino UNO R3 board ... for a month now ... and im thinking on a project but i'm not an expert in electronics's more like a hobby from my childhood ... and for that i'm here to ask for your help and guidance.

The idea is : I want to add a GSM/GPRS & GPS SHIELD V2 WITH MODULO FT900M .. and something that i can connect it on a USB computer "any computer that have USB" and when is connected, with another phone to call ARDUINO (with GSM/GPRS shield) and power ON the computer ....later i'm thinking even to start an application "to a computer without password protection" like VNC ...and like that i connect from any part of the world .... i now that is already something like that... with wake on LAN ... but is not the same ... is much cooler to attach like a USB key on your computer and with a phone to power it on and give you the possibility to connect VPN.

Until now i have the idea and the GSM/GPRS & GPS SHIELD V2 WITH MODULO FT900M ..... and from now i need help with : the rest :)) ... how to make from a phone call to power up the computer "will be awesome only from a number my own number".


Hi Dan, and welcome !

You posed an interesting question as I know the USB can be used to wake a PC that's in a sleep mode, but didn't know if it can be used to wake it from an off state. After a bit of Google-fu I've not found a way of waking the PC from completely off via USB, though I remember way back in the dark ages of PS/2 keyboards you could set up a HP Vectra to boot from off when you pressed the space key. Looks like that functionality was non-standard and might has not survived to the USB keyboard era...

Since at least as far back as Windows XP you can certainly set it up to wake from sleep mode via USB so at least that part is possible. The next thing is having your Arduino pretend to be a keyboard or mouse. That is possible with the Arduino Uno, check this tutorial for examples. This isn't exactly straightforward as you need to reprogram the 2nd Atmel chip that provides USB support for the Arduino which means once you do so, it will no longer program your Uno. I'm sure if you're careful that won't be an issue, but I could see myself getting very frustrated if the main code on the Arduino needed debugging (you'd need to restore it to normal, program the Arduino, then reload the HID keyboard support each time). Another way is to use the Arduino Leonardo (or compatibles like the micro or leostick) which can do this out of the box using the mouse & keyboard libraries.

Another way might be to use Wake on LAN which should bring your PC out of a deeper off state than USB can.

Good luck with your project, Geoff

Hi Dan.

I think you're Spanish And That module The GSM/GPRS and GPS with Modulo FT900M is from a shop called Coelma electronica.

Is this right? well i also want buy one could tell me how it works and what brings the product? for example what contains the box you bought it. like i said after i'm planning to buy that module but i'm scared because the page sounds like a SCAM that's the reason i want a Second Opinion THANKS