wake up light and turn off fan , air condition with Timer

Hi Experts,

This is my First Arduino Projects. i would like to make a wake up light circuit with Timer.

My concept :

My bed Room Have a light, Ceiling Fan and Aircondition. I can't wake up early in the morning no matter how much sleep I get.

That's why I'm planning to implement a circuit board for automatic turn off both ceiling fan and Turn on light with Timer controller. if turn on the light and turn off the fan then i can wake up easily.

In My life, Daily i have to do prayer in the early morning. so I need to wake up around 4:00 AM

I have no prior experience with programming any of these Arduino or similar things. However have experience with Electrical Spectrum- can someone give me some advice, please?

E.g. circuit diagrams, LED types, code

if possible below features Too.

  1. A reset button required in this circuit for reset to normal mode
  2. Total 6 devices will be connected into the relay unit, so we need to use at least 6 relay controller.
  3. Bluetooth Module required, for controlling devices over Android device.
  4. There is any way to set Clock Timer Via Android phone instead of Physical Buttons.

With best Regards Sulthana Fathim

Before you get too-deep into this, I suggest you look into existing [u]Home Automation solutions[/u]. Even if you want to build the controller, there are lots of engineering & construction challenges in building a controllable switch [u]like this[/u] that fits into an outlet/switch box, works manually or remotely, doesn't require re-wiring, and looks good.

You probably can't build it for the price you can buy it. And, if you choose a standard home automation protocol, you can expand/upgrade the system "instantly". If you make something non-standard it will take weeks (or more) to design, build, and test something new.

I built a "wake-up dimmer" several years ago (with a different microcontroller). The (old) X-10 system won't work directly for this because, say you want to start by at 10% brightness, then increase to 20%, etc., when you send a "dim" command it always goes to full-brightness and then falls-back to the desired level. Some of the newer protocols may not have that limitation.

My master X-10 timer sends a "turn-on" command to a controlled outlet. I built a little box that fades-up a lamp over a 10-minute period after it's powered-on. So the thing I built doesn't need a real-time clock or time-display.

I also built another box (it should of been the same box, but I was learning) that makes a gentle "beep" after the 10-minute delay. Then, it beeps every 30-seconds "counting" the minutes. Two beeps at 2 minutes, and 2-beeps at 2:30, etc. It's enough to wake me up, but not so annoying that I can't rest for a couple of minutes (or several minutes) without falling back asleep.

Those are the only things I built myself.

I have a master timer/controller that gets programmed from the computer, then runs stand-alone. Plus I've got a few wired & wireless "manual" remote controllers around the house and about 10 controlled lights & outlets, including one that's controlled by a motion sensor. My outdoor lights are programmed to come-on at sunset, dim-down at 11PM, and turn-off at sunrise. The controller is "smart enough" to adjust for changing sunrise/sunset times as the seasons change.

I don't have a connection to the Internet or smart phone, but those things could be added.

A couple of observations...

Playing with mains on your first project is dangerous. If not for you, then the kids or cleaner that tries to turn it on or unplug it while it’s live.

Using a timer alone will need to be re-set very few weeks as daylight hours vary. You could add a daylight sensor, then calibrate the ‘next’ day cycle from that each day... but dark clouds etc may bump it off by too much.

A RTC will give you stability, but you’ll need to plan the ‘daylight hours’ offset and DST jumps in your code.


Thanks for your comments,

In My life, Daily i have to do prayer in the early morning. so I need to wake up around 4:00 AM

If you do the mains connections improperly, you won't have any need for prayer.

It sounds like you need an RTC, accompanied with a lookup table for your corrected prayer times. -or - You could almost do that with a photo sensor looking at the horizon, then subtract 30 minutes for tomorrow. Still need to adjust for length of daylight for sunset.