Waking Arduino oled display with ir sensor

hello , I am trying to make a sanitiser dispense Arduino based and I am looking for a way in which the oled displays the temperature of the hand (there is a non contact temp sensor below) when the ir sensor is triggered and goes back to sleep when the hand is removed , any help would be appreciated

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For a low power, battery operated design, the choice of the Arduino and the sensor to wake it are important.
Some passive infrared sensors can operate in the low micro amp range.
Some Arduinos for example, the Pro Mini types with solder jumpers to exclude the leds etc., are also very suitable for long term battery operation. Even better are "bare bones" designs.

no my Arduino is always plugged in , I just need the oled to sleep and wake, kinda like a smart watch

Some ideas:
Blank the screen using software control.
Switch the screen off, either directly from an Arduino Pin or via a transistor/mosfet.
Post links to all the parts you are using for more specific suggestions.

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