Walking sensor with IMU?


I want to make an arduino module using an Mpu6050 or 9250 sensor to detect walking forward, backward, also detecting the difference between walking and running etc.

I ve made a search but could not find such an open source algorithm to calculate walking/running direction.

Can anyone help me to find such code, or share an open source example?

Thanks in advance..

Do you know of any commercial device that does all those things, reliably?

Any code to do what you want will depend on the type of sensor, where it is mounted on the user's body and the characteristics of each user's motion.

@jremington yes;

XIO Tech. (http://x-io.co.uk) Have it's own products for Oscillatory Motion Tracking With x-IMU

In this video, you can see the motion tracking with every step: 3D Tracking with IMU (Cyclic Motion) - YouTube

But the price of their hardware is around £310

They have open source code of their hardware in github also: GitHub - xioTechnologies/Oscillatory-Motion-Tracking-With-x-IMU

But what I need is to make similiar motion tracking with an arduino board and an arduino compatible IMU sensor like mpu6050 or mpu9250 etc...

Does anyone have any idea?

Start with their open source code and adapt it to the sensor of your choice.