Wall Art Printing Drone

What would be the best way to design a 3D printed chassis for this wall art printing drone that i have built?

Please also look at the driving-printing module of the drone, it actually has a 3D printed chassis:

That's an awesome project!

But I don't understand your question – you mean what is the best software to use? If so – Fusion 360 probably will be the most often answer.

Also what if you add one or two mechanical arm with soft suction cups to keep flying drone more steady and calculate it's position according to those arms angles?

I designed a similar one using Autodesk 123D design but any 3D modeling software will work. I only have a tiny 3D printer that has a build area of only 8cm*8cm but this wasn't an issue at all. Once your print is done, don't forget your hardware, I usually use M3 screws and nuts for putting the pieces together. I designed it because I wanted to try to print some patterns on a few pictures. I do have a t-shirt printing machine from bestqualityprinter.com but I was curious if a drone will manage that. I have yet to try it, but I hope it works as well as on the wall.