Wall moisture meter workings


Just wondering if anyone in the home building / repair industry has any experience with using moisture meters? There are different types, intrusive (2 pins that you dig into your material like dry wall) or non-instructive (some kind of flat sensor that you press against the face of your material).

I've had a look at some sensors out there that are available and I am trying to figure out if the soil moisture sensors would do the same job if they were pressed against a sheet of damp dry wall?

I've heard that the intrusive meters with the pins work kind of like the way a multi meter works for measuring resistance?

Still trying to figure out where I need to start my research so any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


Google is your friend here :

I quickly found a search for “ how a moisture meter works “ did the trick
. Also looking at acceptable moisture levels should give you a picture . You could also buy one and put resistors across the probes etc


Thats pretty easy, you just mesure the resistance between 2 points (before hand you know the material and how resistive it is normally) and then compaire how resistive it is wet to the known dry resistive value to get you esitmated moisture content?