Wall/Object Avoiding Robot

Hi guys,

I have the following parts and just wondering what else I will require to make a feasible wall/object avoiding robot and if you can give any recommendations on where to get these (reliable companies etc)

Arduino Uno
Arduino Motor Shield
Parallax PING sensor

Very new to this but willing to learn, not expecting a hand every step along the way but if you can point me in the right direction to start of with based on the above parts I'll do all the reading / research to get this going.

Thanks in advance,


wondering what else I will require to make a feasible wall/object avoiding robot

Some kind of motorised, wheeled/tracked chassis?

Check out this two wheeled robot for a start.http://www.robotliving.com/building-robots/two-wheeled-robot-2/

Okay so after some reading / research I've sourced everything except from 2 DC motors and wheels. The only ones I can find which I know would do the job are on eBay coming from Hong Kong to UK so due to time constraints I won't be able to go for this option.

Does anyone know of any other online supplier preferably in UK/Europe where I will be able to get 2 wheels and motors suitable for this task?


You haven't actually said what "this task" is.

You haven't actually said what "this task" is.

Sorry, simply a wall/object avoiding robot capable of going forwards/backwards and turning.

Is this device the size of a mouse, hamster, cat, goat..?
In other words, is it driven by four AAAs, four AAs, a motorbike battery, diesel genny set..?

Small, like the one shown in the link posted above.

Powering the Arduino with a 9V PP3 and externally powering the motors with 4 AA's.


where else have you tried?

Thanks AWOL

Sites I've been referred to from other pages with similar ideas are mainly suppliers in the US or Hong Kong so timescales aren't the best as I need to have them by 14th March. Not got any real experience in this so I'm just trying to avoid making mistakes in the parts I'm buying so that once I've got everything together I can make a start on it.

Even looking at www.robot-electronics.co.uk I'm not even sure what is suitable on here. It's a small assignment I've been given from uni, it doesn't have to be perfect but just need to demonstrate something working that I have managed to put together myself (albeit with some help on here whilst looking for the correct parts).

i just realised it now : the arduino, and micro controlers stuffs could be great to give a brain to an R2D2 model. there's a group on yahoo about building these and wow ! actualy so many peoples build these, to a super high level of conception, scale 1.
i wanted to build one , and put the electronic circuit of an r2d2 toy available on the market, because this one recognizes the voice ! and you can give him orders etc, and it can step away from objects, walls ...

the best project would be to achieve some kind of living R2 ^^ , independant.
good luck with your project.