Wall of Shame



Larry has been Fritzing .. Na na nanana.

That looks very interesting, but what does it do?

Possibly nothing:

So it isn’t really your project? It does look a bit crazy. I cannot tell what its function is.

Good one Larry. This thread will quickly fill up with Fritzings, I'm sure. Great dog pic, too. I just spent 5 minutes trying to get a similar pose out of my new pup, without success. :(




we probably should put one of these in every now and again.

LarryD, were did you get these ?

I collect fun links.

the one in the first post is in first place.

And this just in from

I just realized where Fritzing started:


Bad link? I see a blank box.

Posting as a link vs an image(?) seems to yield an openable pic. I could see that as inspiration 8)

Odd, some times it works other times it doesn't :confused:

Fritzing makes me so angry I could just…


It’s somewhere “good”, that I was the inspiration of this topic.

LarryD, you’re very evil :smiley:

LarryD: I just realized where Fritzing started:

True but we did not have the internet then.

You had to learn circuit diagrams to build anything.

Some kits had elpful photos though, Heathkit springs to mind.