Wall of Shame

とても恥ずかしいです。& 恥ずかしいと、私の顔は赤くなる。
Totemo hazukashii desu. Hazukashii to & watashi no kao wa akaku naru.
(I’m so embarrassed && My face turns red when I am embarrassed.)


I guess I did something wrong.

My wife ask me to help with dinner.

She said:
“Take this bag of potatoes, peel half of them and boil them for supper.”


What's the matter, were you supposed to peel half length-wise instead? 8)

That kind of stuff gets you out of peeling in the future :wink:

were you supposed to peel half length-wise


I've created a diagram in fritzing and attached it to this post. At first it works fine (several seconds) but than the LCD starts to act weird and the 433Mhz receiver doesn't work anymore.

This one just in from

and an improvement:

Both fritzing circuits have bugs, get rid of them!

I like the kitten in the flower pot the best. And of course the potato screw up is pretty good, also.




That one’s not too bad. Nicely laid out blocks, minimum line-crossings. I hope it comes with the usual disclaimers: “I couldn’t find the right battery because I have a 9V battery and I don’t have those motors yet and I have a Due not a Mega, but otherwise, that’s exactly what I have, except I mixed up the wire colours. Does it matter that I didn’t tell you this to begin with?”


Look at all the current losses in those looonngggg wires…

Tom… :slight_smile:
PS. If I need an emetic I know were to come.

Quick edit/note: Fritzing diagram included of my previous set up used a Mega2560 board. The shield is obviously mounted on an Uno, but the fundamentals of the set up are unchanged, i just have incorporated the buttons and LCD in a shield on top of an Uno instead.

in other words, this fritzing is not what I am actually doing, what I am doing is different.....



in other words, this fritzing is not what I am actually doing, what I am doing is different.....

This fritzing has some great features! I especially like the wire that seems to connect the power strip to the ground strip, the way both lines from the motor are attached to both input wires, but the best is the wire that goes through the hole on the heatsink on the transistor, and terminates ... on an empty strip?

This is a wiring diagram of my circuit. Can anyone find the problem? :stuck_out_tongue:

That one is pretty

That one is pretty

Thanks dmj. I try to make everything all my projects look good. And actually, this device (an "atomic" clock) works prefecto. But you know, it's never done.