Want 3v graphic back lit lcd with a resolution from 128 X 128 to 160 x 160

I am trying to find a 3v graphic back lit lcd with a resolution from 128 X 128 to 160 x 160, with built in controller that has an arduino graphics lib for it and hopefully not too expensive. :blush:

I have been searching for quite awhile and cant find any that fulfil my specs especially the 3v with the pixel count.
Am I looking in vain or can someone point me in the right direction?

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First, why such as vague thread title? "Newbie help needed" will likely getting ignored by a lot of the people on here.

If your looking for an LCD with an Arduino lib (implying that your using Arduino to control it) why does it need to be 3v?

When trying to get help sourcing components, it's also useful to tell people where you are in the world.

Try looking here, lots of options

Adding geographical into to your profile will help also, as Wassled suggested.

Thanks crossroads, there are some there I can use. :smiley:
I had been looking at crystalfontz.
I live in Australia and didn't mention it as I haven't got round to filling my profile (it was my first post).
Wassled. The topic chosen was because I was trying not to be too pushy so as not to upset anyone as it was first post.
The reason for 3v. Job requires small long lasting small battery and plan to use Arduino Pro 3.3v board for prototyping.
I thought listing requirements was sufficient.

OK Profile filled in. Now you can see I'm a cranky old man living in Australia who loves diving. :slight_smile:

Maybe you can check with member Packhorse, he made a diving display unit a while back.
If not, some the other folks down under might have suggestions on sources that won't cost an arm and a leg for shipping.

ebay is a good source, quality may vary though

I2C Color Graphic LCD 1.5" 128x128

I actually have one of those linked above. If you can put up with the rather large breakout (2" x 2"), this is a great display. They have a great library already written for it that you can download from their website which goes beyond many by including bevels and gradients.

If space is a consideration, you can also look at the ones on adafruit. They have a 128x160 that has a great library as well.

Here is a 160x160 graphic lcd that runs on 3.3v