Want a Customized version of arduino.

Hi ,

My objective is to make a bluetooth beacon ( size: as small as possible ) that will ONLY beacon bluetooth signal when turned ON with a specific name . I don't want any feature like pairing or file transfer .

Is it possible to do with ARDUINO.

Thanks in advance.

How do you turn on a Bluetooth device with a specific name - shout "MICHAEL" ?

Have you managed to get a Bluetooth device working in the usual paired way?


You don't even need an Arduino for that.

  • Get a bluetooth module (such as JY-MCU HC-05)
  • Plug the module to your computer using a USB-to-UART bridge (such as a FTDI breakout board)
  • Using a serial terminal program (such as Arduino Serial Monitor, Windows Terminal or Putty) connect serially to the BT module and configure it to the name you want (using AT+ commands) and a password.
  • disconnect from the computer
  • power the module using anything from 3.6 to 5V.

That's it. The module will broadcast itself with the name you configured in the step above. If you configure a really hard password, nobody will be able to connect to it anyway.