Want Arduino Due without Arduino Screw

Is eBay running the Arduino store? I live in Kansas and they want to charge me for Moon delivery.

Why did you select "Priority Mail Express"? USPS First Class is cheaper (~90% cheaper!)

Why do y'all assume that everybody is an idiot?

Cause, you see:

I don't know where you got that but there's only one shipping option and it's the only hyper-link on the checkout shipping page and being the only option it doesn't change. One more time, here is the screen shot of the checkout shipping page.

I can duplicate your problem if I specify a PO Box as a shipping destination. (I don't know why.)
Do you have a "real" address you could use for shipping?

There are plenty of examples for how to to connect a display and keypad to the UNO but I have not been able to find anything for the DUE.

Most stuff should be about the same.