want help for making bot of grid follower.........?

i am having 5 sensor array , microcontroller, motor shield…and two motors of 9v-12v 80 rpm , please tell me connection (circuit diagram) and arduino programme for that …since i am a guy from mechanical engg & just attended.a workshop of line follower & now i want to participate in a competition of grid follower so …i want programme for track given below… :~

Someone have done this.

The connectios isnt very difficult (that is: knowing parts info)
The strategy! Making correct action based of info from those sensors - thats YOUR challange to decide
You will find several videos(youtube) Study movment and try find what strategy those programmers have used
Make roole on what to do for a given sensor-input

i will do the connections by program.but please suggest me a programme for it....

Contact those who already have that code (publishers of those videos is a place to start)
.. I can't write code for you...sorry