Want: old processors Have: arduino shield

Osgeld, yes I am interested in the trade. Will you PM me your address so I can send my board to you? Thansk.

well here are some pictures first

both have heatsink goop residue on them, and compaq part stickers on the underside, the one on the right has a slight scratch in the case and its pins did get a little bendy while being tumbled around in the bin, the one on the left has no bent pins or scratches so its just a matter of that old oem heatsink residue


Osgeld, they seem to be in better condition than some of my PP200MHz. I normally clean the processors with ethanol when I get them so no worry about the thermal paste. I’ll get rid of it. I’m happy to trade with you.

First of all sorry for the late answer.

liudr wrote

Interesting find. This is an AMD made 286 licensed by intel. It’s probably later than 1984. Can you check to see if there are chips with markings like 8259A or 8237A in sockets? I bet this machine was a bit low end. The coprocessor slot is empty. Not exactly what I was looking for but if I can get the support chips like 8259A and 8237A, I may consider a trade.

There was not any support chips like 8259A and 8237A.
If you are interessted in the 286 CPU I will be glad to send it to you free of charge, I just think it is nice somebody will collect and preserve something like this.
Please inform me, and if you would like the CPU, you can PM your address to me, and I will send the CPU as soon as posible.

Regards Thomas

Thank you Thomas. I’ve sent you a PM with my address.

I have some real odd balls… but I have no idea what they are worth. Like a beautiful AMI S6800 Ceramic. Original Price (if you can believe it) of the 40-pin, ceramic, dual-in-line package 6800 MPU was like $350.00

Others examples of what I have:

Motorola: MC6809ES, MC146805E2P, MC68705U3S, MC68020RP25E
Intel: D8088, P8085A-2, P8088-1, C8751-8, D8751H, A80486DX-33, A80387DX-33
Philips: 80C31-3
Rockwell: R6502P3
NEC: D8748D
Zilog: Z80

My oldest CPU is an 8008. 125KHz Rules!

I have some CPUs laying around, I think they are rather new though. But if your interested, some data, directly typed of the chips: ( “(c)” = the copyright symbol etc.)

2.9V CORE/3.3V i/O
B 9733BPCW
(m) (c) 1997 AMD

B 9537DPC T
(m) AMD

i (m)(c) ’ 00
celerontm MALAY
Q023A268-0310 SL3VS

KB80521EX200 SL22V 256K
ICOMP(r) 2 #=220

If you want more information like images or other text on the back or condition, just PM me. I’m not going to follow this thread so the perhaps only way to get in contact with me is to PM me.


Catcher, sophos really doesn’t like your avatar pic - it says it’s a virus.

But the reason I’m posting is that I had a dream last night where I found half a dozen old processors in a box. :\


I’m willing to trade if you’re interested. I’m interested in the AMi 6800. Does it have white/grey ceramic casing with gold stripes coming from the die to all pins?

I’m also interested in the rest but I think everything together is more than the value of even two PCBs.

Are you willing to trade with one fully assembled kit (including one hour of labor, LCD, RTC, 256KBit EEPROM, clock running on CR2030 battery) PLUS a bare PCB? What chips are you willing to trade with this offer? PM me.


Wow, I wish I had that. Are you willing to trade with my PCB? PM me. Thanks.


Were you dreaming about these boxes and shelves?

These are my collection though ;D

Neat collection :smiley:

I have an…

[edit]IDT WinChip
3.52Vcc(66MHz clock)

Any interest?

[edit]Scrap that, some of the pins are broken, I presume you wouldn’t want it if I gave it to you… Wouldn’t be worth postage anyway.[/edit]

Were you dreaming about these boxes and shelves?

Similar to the first box. I think it was my subconscious telling me I should find the chips I have.


Like this one in my collection?

Notice the chip is missing 3 pins around the red circle. I think it might be intentional. Maybe they screwed up the schematic and had to add a thin PCB to fix it.

Yes, very similar. I think my pins may be missing in a different place. Not sure if I have pins there…

I’ll check tomorrow if I remember. Mine is also without the fan connection PCB although I think that’s in the box somewhere.


Just FYI, the middle picture are DEC processors with gold tops. I guess their brothers are not all lucky and may have ended up in a grinder (for gold content, but how much can you get out of a CPU?!)

I spent quite a bit buying the storage trays but most non-intel/amd processors won’t fit on those trays. Still the trays are very nice and neat. I even have triplets basically 3 PIII 667 processors with their serial numbers all next to each other. Wonder if that counts as rare. How difficult to get something like that? Who would have saved 3 new processors just to beat me ;D?

Want any more pentium IIs? :smiley:

The box is almost full. Plus, postage from UK to US is probably making the trade not worthy.

Thanks though.

That’s quite a collection of them.

Yeah it was kinda a joke.

I’ll keep my eyes open for anything now though. :wink: