Want: old processors Have: arduino shield

Wow I’d completely forgotten what PIIs looked like!

Here’s a PIC of the 6800 I mentioned.

How difficult to get something like that? Who would have saved 3 new processors just to beat me?

It seems strange that it is only three, and not four; I would expect a multiple of 2 for use in a multi-processor system of some sort (where getting them all from the same batch might’ve been needed - sequential numbers was likely some kind of “from the same box of processors” OEM thing or something).

Maybe at one time it was like that - but then one processor died and had to be replaced, and you got the remainder?

/just a wild-a** guess…



The processor looks pretty nice. If I’m correct, the date code says it’s made during the 47’th week in 1975, effectively older than me, by not by too much though. If you’re willing to trade this chip, I can send you a completely assembled Phi-1 shield. You plug in into your adruino and load some codes it’s ready to go. I think it’s a fair trade. The assembled kit should be around $35 (parts + 1 hour labor) and your chip could be worth that much to the right buyer. But to keep your soldering iron happy I’m also willing to toss in a Bare PCB if you have any additional chips to trade. Just PM me. Thanks.


I got those three processors when dumpster-diving at an electronics recycling site. There were three desktops, all were PIII-667 and they just happened to have rolled out of Dell’s production line at the same time with their CPU serial codes next to one another. Lucky me. I also found various treasures at that place as well. OMTIAMT ;D

If you stare at the code, the top right one has xxxx 1402, the top left has 1400, and the bottom left has 1401

Wow…lot of collection…only some 6802.fujitsu.386.486 and pentium got.

Great liurd.


Are you interested in a Toshiba TMP47P443VN ? This is a one-time-programmable 4-bit microcontroller in 28-pin “sdip” package (pretty boring looking.) I bought some off eBay a while ago and have enough that I’d be happy to just send you one… (In theory, I was going to learn to DO stuff with them, but tool support seems to be pretty non-existent.)

westfw, do you need a programmer and can you only program it once? Do I have to learn a whole new language/library to use it?

do you need a programmer and can you only program it once? Do I have to learn a whole new language/library to use it?

  1. Yes, you need a programmer. Actually, it’s apparently designed to use a programming adapter in conjunction with a conventional EPROM programmer (for some obscure 12V Toshiba EPROM…)

  2. Each chip can only be programmed once. The idea is that this is better for development than the usual ROM-based 4-bit cpus. I couldn’t find anything that claimed to be a simulator…

  3. Toshiba apparently has (had) an assembler and a C-like-language compiler for this, for DOS (or DOS window in windows.) But that was a product of indeterminate price, I don’t know any details, and more recently all traces of this CPU have pretty much disappeared from Toshiba’s site. I did find a free 3rd party assembler…

Did someone have zif smd socket here…

I liked to barter berween zif smd socket and TCP/IP(etc)kits…

at picassaweb the picture


Hey, I still have a few left. Anyone else interested?

My oldest CPU is an 8008.  125KHz Rules!

I recall when looking through some parts bins at work a few of the intel 4004 cpu chips plus some of the support chips. Never though to take them and I wonder what they would be worth to collectors today? I’m sure they went to the trash by now. They were the chip and company that started the general purpose microprocessor revolution. :sunglasses:



I’m afraid I can’t afford a 4004, either back in 197x or now. There was a time when a white chip with gold stripes sold for $1,000USD. Then the supply exploded as many found out trashed medical equipment from that era have lots of those chips so the price has gone down but I don’t have the slightest idea how much.

I suggest next time you see one of those, steal the whole bin! My gestimate is maybe $100 Depends On Condition. I’d be happy trading my board for 8080s or 8088s, all the way up to pentiums. 8088 has large supply so it’s just a few bucks for a plastic dip and a ceramic one could fetch a bit more. So anything I can afford? ::slight_smile: :wink:

I have finally had a dig around and have found two socket A AMD Athlons (circa 1999), a socket A AMD Duron (also circa 1999) and an intel celeron with “700/128/66/1.7v” on it.

Let me know if you want them.

Thanks. Although none of them are that old but if you’re ok with me trading one PCB with all 4 of them, we can go ahead. Packing two CPUs facing towards each others pins is a nice way to protect them. :slight_smile:

I have a boat load of PIIIs any many K6IIIs but not that many Athlons. At the time I started collecting (05), Athlon thunderbirds could still be worth of some street values but not any more. For celerons, I have 633 and 1GHz and maybe something in between but it’s nice to add anything decent in shape to my CPU collection at all. They’re so hard to find. Well if you’re into straightening pins from a pile of ill-treated recycled CPUs collected purely for gold extraction, you’re a saint. I did that on one LSI processor and I still feel burnt-in images of those pins in front of me. ;D

I’ll PM you my address in the USA and if the postage is not so bad we can do a trade. :slight_smile:

Postage shouldn’t be a problem though they’ll take a while to arrive.

I’ll reply to your PM with my address when I’ve sent them, which should be tomorrow. I’ll double check I haven’t got any around.

It’s nice to find someone who wants them :slight_smile:

Thanks cowjam. Just PM me your address and I’ll send it out tomorrow. We are in a period of time with so much change (I’m sure 1900 people said the same things) so I felt I should preserve some of the material history for future generations to enjoy, when they can visit my little computer history museum on their hover mobiles (I just watched back to future trilogy twice last weekend) :slight_smile:

I personally think AMD’s Athlon deserves some applaud since during the same period of time Intel was having trouble break through the 1GHz barrier while AMD brought out their Athlons with say 1.33GHz, with basically compatible sockets so customers can upgrade from sub-1GHz socket A processors all the way up to the much later ~2GHz processors. Must have helped AMD with their success.

My desktop at the moment is running on a Sempron 3000+ 1.8GHz

Long live the AMDs :slight_smile:

The majority of people I know who are into gaming run AMDs

So much cheaper to get a nice 6 core AMD than a comparitive Intel processor.


my 3 desktops are AMD, only the laptop is a intel (celeron yeck)

2.6ghz AIIX2
2.8 ghz PhIIX3
2.0 ghz A64 (x1)

I have not purchased any AMD systems personally. I think the price is a large factor for gamers. I’m still in the core2duo 2.0 laptop dark age. Going backwards, I had a Celeron M 1.8 laptop (dead slow), Pentium-m 1.5 (alright), celeron 366 (slow-motion). As I have moved over ten times over the last ten years, all of them were laptops. I predict my next laptop to be a celeron again if I follow my own trend, binary oscillation between cheap and okish with a period of about 5 years.