Want to achieve File transfer from Mega to Server/PC

Hi All,

I have quite a lot of sensors to take readings from so am using Mega2560. SD card module (not shield) is connected to Mega and data is continuously written to it.

I want the data file to reach my PC or storage connected to PC so I can further use it.
This is what I have tried and failed.

  1. Have a ESP8266 NodeMCU connected to Mega2560, after making connections have run the sensor sketch in Mega and another sketch consisting wifi and ftp code in ESP8266 NodeMCU but did not work.

  2. Tried to send data through serial port of Mega to ESP but could not get it as a file at the other end and especially could not write it to my PC.

  3. We have tried json and AT commands as well but could not achieve what we want.

  4. We have also read that file may not be possible as the memory is quite low

I don't want to use any third party website or processing softwares to achieve this. We also don't want to use ethernet cable to achieve it using Ethernet shield.

Please help me understand if transferring a file from Mega to my PC is possible and if so, then what is the possible way to do so.

Thanks and Regards

You need to post the program that represents your best attempt and tell us in detail what it actually does and what you want it to do that is different.

If you use WiFi you will need to know how to write a suitable PC program to receive the data. Perhaps set up your ESP8266 as a server and write a simple client program on the PC.