Want to build robot car, guidance needed!


Im interested in building my own robot car. So i have few questions about it for now.

I got some function requierments:

  • To have many possibilites for sensors to experiment.
  • To update my code over a wifi without connecting to board with cable.
  • To have live camera on it, so i could see from my laptop screen.

I was thinking on this platform for beginning:

and to use these wheels maybe:

Is it only possible to code Arduino in C or are there alternatives for it. Like more graphical solutions, like PLC has.

Which boards/shields do you recommend to me for this project.

Also if someone wants to be my mentor/guide to help me out with it more then you can add me on Skype - just send me a pm for it.

How are you going to control it?

If you're thinking about using Wifi, you will need a shield which can limit other possibilities such as controlling the robot via a USB host shield or Xbee

which board will be tricky to tell if you don't know how many shields or different libraries you will need, the UNO may not have enough memory, if not I suggest the Arduino MEGA.

Please elaborate on the robots functions and controls so we can help you further.

Well it's basically all i know for now, i am building it at first on a educational/experimental purpose as im a robotics student and i want to learn about this stuff more.
Maybe some line following, ultrasonic obstacle avoidance, live computer controlling...

Been looking for some guides or great bases to begin with, haven't found much.

At school we use Festo robot and Robotino software