Want to connect 2 devices to arduino mega

I use an arduino Mega2560 with a 3.2 inch touch screen. I also want to connect a pressure sensor with the following pins: 5V, ground, V_out. As the touch screen already uses the Ground and 5V pins, is it even possible to connect both devices to the arduino?

The touch screen with the shield uses the following pins on my mega board: all pins of the bottom row (D22-D53 and the ground and 5V pins), the power pins on the left side exept for the reset pin and pins 0-7 on the right side. So I guess all pins I need for my pressure sensor are already blocked right?

do I need a second arduino or is it possible to connect the pressure sensor in a different way?


You don't have a breadboard?

yes but can I connect both to the power pins? I don't know much about electronics so I'm scared that I could damage something :D

Post a link to the sensor and a picture of your setup.

So I attached two pictures to my original post.

Here ist the pressure sensor: http://www.nxp.com/assets/documents/data/en/data-sheets/MPX5010.pdf
on page 13 and 14 in the pdf file.

Do you have access to the GND pin next to pin 13? Do you have access to the IOREF pin on the power pins strip, there is 5V there, also a pin on the ISP connector has 5V. The datasheet link you posted is for many different sensors, which [u]one[/u] do you have?

yes I have access to the gnd next to 13. Great! I did't know that the 5V on the ISCP is okay to use :D and I have also access to the IOREF, this has also 5V?

As I said above, the sensor is on page 13 and the pinouts on page 14 of the sheet. It's the mpxv5010dp

The IOREF is only on the R3 version, looks like there are 2 sensor styles ? which do you have and do you have it soldered to a circuit board? http://www.cs.ou.edu/~fagg/classes/general/atmel/ArduinoMega.pdf

The purpose of IOREF is to transmit the Vcc voltage level up to shields (5V or 3.3V), it should be OK for small currents like sensor power.

I think I solved it. I used style 2 and soldered the wires on top of the shield pins. via serial print function I can see some values now :)