Want to convert some ray data to required format

Hello Experts,
I need a help, I have the attached file, in that I have a huge amount of 15-bit data arranged in different rows of 32767. This is a simulation result. So I want to convert each of the rows to 77 bit data by just append the same row content to the end of that row itself. Its very urgent, can anybody help?

s15850_pi77.dat (544 KB)

What has this got to do with the Arduino ? What exactly do you want the result to look like. Can you give an example ? 15 bits to 77 bits ? How ?

Hi, you have 15bit data words each on one of 32767 rows.

You want 15bit word appended to the following 15bit word to make up a 77bit word. But 77/15= 5.1333 rows.

Is it important that you will only have 0.1333 of a 15bit word at the end of the 77bit word?

If this file has been generated for a simulation, why not generate the 77bit word initially.

Unless this is to do with arduino environment, you would be best to go back to your teacher/instructor.

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What like this? Took about 2 minutes (Less time than you needed to describe the problem).

x_s15850_pi77.dat (5.25 KB)

Well if thats all that is needed fair enough, but if those 15bits meant anything, then splitting 15bit word may be corrupting the data. Unless it has to be sent in 77bit packets then disassembled back to 15bit words later. Does "ray" data mean "Array" data???

I await with baited breath...

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I await with baited breath...

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Its very urgent, can anybody help?

Maybe not that urgent.

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