Want to create a certain sequence for some LED strips

So I do 3D models to print out on my 3D printer. My latest personal project is making the upgraded version of a tommy gun found in the game "Bioshock". I really don't have an idea how to go about the electronics on this one but one of the upgrade modifications is essentially a series of lights shaped like an "lol". The two l's on either side of the o seem to extend and retract and pulse yellow to orange/red. It's kinda strange to explain it so I will include a link to the imgur gif.

The lights of the O in the middle doesnt have to grow and shrink but i would prefer if it would also fade from yellow to orange/red. However the most important is the l's fading colours and growing and shrinking.

If anyone can give me any tips or pointers on how to start or what I'd need to replicate this I would greatly appreciate the help!!! Thank you!

Two ws2812b strips and a ws2812b ring?

Ahh ok great! I apologize for the lack of knowledge but do you happen to know what you would need to power those 3 and sync them all? thanks again!

an Arduino NANO and a stable power source. For example a 18650 and a step up converter to get 5V for the LED strips and the NANO.

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