Want to hire an Arduino programmer for my project

I want to pay someone to write code for my personal project (not business). I want to use Arduino to control a device in my home. I have an Arduino Uno (Rev 3) a DFRobot Relay Shield V2.1, and two RTCCs, a Digilent PmodRTCC (MCP79410) and a SparkFun RTCC (DS1307). The relays will trigger an infrared remote I have rewired. I need the program to: (1) enable me to set the time and date, (2) turn on the battery backup so that the RTCC will keep the time if power is lost, and (3) enable me to set two times, one for each of two relays I want to close for about one second each time. Let me know if you are interested and what your fee would be. I can pay via PayPal. Thanks, Joe Petrillo

Hi jjpetrillo,

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