Want to Hire an Arduino User

I have the Arduino Duelinove and a stepper controller. Along with a stepper motor. I would like to pay someone $100 dollars to hook up all the parts and then right a small program. I am modify the program I am sure, but basically want to make a stepper motor rotate 36 degrees, then stop, then turn left and the right and then repeat. Basiically that is all I want to do.

If interested, let me know.


What stepper motor do you have?

What controller?

Rotating 36 degrees is a matter of stepping n steps, where n is a function of the number of steps for one full rotation, which we don't know because we don't know what motor you have. How fast should the motor do this?

Stop for how long?

Turn left? How many steps/degrees? How fast? Stop for any time? Turn right? Back to the 36 degree mark? Back to 0? How fast? Stop for any time?

Then repeat. Repeat what? The whole "rotate 36 degrees, stop, turn left, turn right" scenario, or just the "turn left, turn right" part?

Here is a list of exactly what I have. I will need to get back to you on how the steps would work. I can probably figure out the programming with some minor help, it is just the hook up that I am not sure about.

Arduino Duemilanova Starter Kit http://www.amazon.com/Arduino-Duemilanove/dp/B001VK18HC

Stepper Motor http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=9238

Stepper Board http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=9402

Hook up is easy, go buy some more electronics with your $100.

Work out exactly how you want it to function then come back with questions.

I think I have all the hardware I need. Have the laptop the stepper motor, the software, the controller board for the stepper, the arduino. I guess I need to start at square one and learn how to properly use the breadboard and so on. Some of it makes sense. I have a web programming background and as for the motor and electronics fairly well versed in it since I use speed controllers and engines in my hotliner sailplanes, but having troubel seeing how it comes together. I will get it though.

I have two of those stepper motors and two of the motor drivers. The motors wires are green, red, blue and yellow in order from left to right on the shield (when the test on the board is right side up). The rest of the connections are clearly defined on the board.

The code on the EasyDriver link to the Portuguese site is a decent starting point.

A little tape attached to the stepper shaft would be a good thing. The motors are very quiet, and it's hard (at least for us old guys) to hear that the motor is moving. The tape proves that it is.

Thanks PaulS. That will help get me started.

Well at least for now I have the motor wires soldered in. That's a start. Well didn't didn't take a picture of the actual solder but here is the order I put the wires in.

The three holes on the bottom right go to the Arduino, and the two holes on the top right go to the power supply. You’re almost done hooking the hardware up.

I have to say I think I get it now. I have not had a chance to try it all out, but I can see how I can wire the three holes at the bottom. obviously one is ground and the other two just have to go into the digitalwrite ports and then I can just change variables in setup to go to the right pin. It all just sort of came together, at least I think. Just was confused before about some things. Well, after I try it all out I will see how I can distribute the money. I really appreciate the info.

Well, was able to get it to work. Still lots to do in terms of learning the code and dialing in how I want it to rotate exactly, but certainly appreciate the help. Was wondering about battery power. I just have a nine volt hooked up to it. I am thinking about either going with a 11 volt lithium polymer to power both the Arduino and the stepper, or just a 2200 Mah NiMH at 11 volts. Figure that should power it for a long time.


or just a 2200 Mah NiMH at 11 volts. Figure that should power it for a long time.

With an arduino and stepper, depending on how often you want it to move, that battery might not last as long as you thought.

What is the max (stall) current draw of the stepper?


I am actually not sure of the stall amps. I would need to measure it I presume. There was no spec on that, but the only spec I did see on this page http://www.sparkfun.com/datasheets/Robotics/SM-42BYG011-25.pdf was that it had a current draw of .33A


330mA at 12v If it's just the arduino (maybe a few switches/LEDs) then it might be something like 80mA at 5v

Work out what current draw 80mA at 5v is at 12v then you know the total current draw at 12v.

Then you can work out roughly how long a battery's gonna last.